Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Dreaded Removal Of Gluten Products

I've known for a while that we were going to eventually have to go this route for Zeke, but man was I procrastinating!  I just want to eat normal food without having to think about what is in it and the effects it is going to have on us.

But alas, the time has come.

We are diving in, head-first, into the gluten-free land of taste-free food. Meh.

We did a thermal scan on Zeke's spine, since he has been showing significant signs of ADHD and are not ready to even entertain the medication approach, and it very clearly showed signs of gut irritation from food allergies.  (Which might explain his record breaking snot bubbles!)  His special resources teacher told me that she is pretty sure he'll make it through 1st grade without medication, but was very doubtful about getting him completely through elementary school without some form of "help".

And if that weren't already enough, he has a little brother plagued with skin and sinus issues as well!

We are already going to the chiropractor and he is more than happy to work with us.

And since we've already formed a relationship with our much-loved psychologist we will probably inform her of the new findings in this complex specimen we call Zeke.

We're realizing that the cozy couch not only helps with his anxiety, but with his ADHD as well and we've got a few other tricks up our sleeve that we are going to try as well.

That leaves the diet.

We've already been working on eliminating the majority of dairy:(  We still do yogurt and cheese on pizza, but at least we're trying here!  Lucky for me, I have a sister who is a pro at dairy free eating!

Next on the list is the dreaded elimination of gluten products.  Lucky for me I have a dad who eats (and a mom who fantastically prepares) gluten free yumminess.

I admit, I have selfishly put this off for far too long, but I am realizing that we should at least give it a try (mainly for Zeke and Jude).

So here goes nothin'.
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