Thursday, November 1, 2012

Finding His Happy Place

One of the best take-aways we've gotten from Zeke's therapy for his anxiety is our "Cozy Couch"

We've created a physical "happy place" where Zeke can go to cool down.

It's kind of like a time out, but completely positive.

You are sent to the Cozy Couch, not for isolation, but to regroup.

Everything associated with the Cozy Couch is intentional.
It is created to train his mind to switch from the emotional, irrational side,
to the more rational side, by the use of different sensory objects.

bubble timer - he knows to turn it over to start the time and to come out when time is up
It isn't a place to go chill for 30 minutes, but instead a timed event

calming things to look at

magnets to concentrate on using touch

smelly markers, a cuddle blanket and animal, silly puddy, stress ball
When this idea was proposed by his psychologist I was like,
"yea right, he's just gonna act out so he can go play with those fun toys".


It has worked wonders in this house!

It hasn't been abused and he realizes its effect and will go to it on his own to calm himself down!

If you have a child with anxiety, or other sensory issues, and have questions about the cozy couch technique please email me!  It has really made a big difference in the atmosphere of our whole family.

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