Friday, August 6, 2010

One Year With Micaiah

Well, this time last year we were getting our house painted, putting our house on the market, planning a move...and having a baby!  All 6 lb. and 8 oz. of him.

I can't believe it's been an entire year.  It seems like forever ago, yet, just yesterday all at the same time.

Micaiah has been such a trooper this year.  He has been through a lot of transitions in his one year of life.  He's shared a room with his music rehearsing daddy, a washer and dryer, learning to sleep in a room all by himself to sharing a room with his two older siblings.  He's done excellent with all of his transitions!

His personality is really starting to show through and he is learning new things every day.

Here is what he is up to lately:

Signing all done, more, and please very well. We're working on thirsty and hungry (although we all know he is ALWAYS hungry! Honestly, the boy weights 23.2 lb. now)

Continues to make all other babies cry (except his little girlfriend, Eliana.  She just kisses and loves on him regardless of his actions) because he steals all their food, pacis and toys:)

Following simple instructions. He actually "helped" me put his legos away the other night.

Says: all done, uh-oh, hot, mama and dada to us

Another tooth came through on July 21st.  He is now up to 5.5 teeth!

Walking like a champ. Every day of July he would take more and more consecutive steps together until he could walk across an entire room by the 20th!  Now he is walking laps around the entire house.

Loves him some meat! This boy eats more than Zeke at this stage in his chunky little life. Size 18 month T-shirts are a little snug around his belly.

Beginning separation anxiety. He definitely loves his mommy. When he's tired he'll cry whenever I walk out of the room. If I'm not around he does much better. Out of sight, out of mind, I suppose.

Does NOT like me to scurry around and clean up the house or work on projects.  Darn!

He is beginning to help me get him dressed.  He'll pull his arms through his shirt holes and transfer his toy from one hand to the other to get both arms through.

Cloth diapering is going GREAT!

He is down to nursing for just his first feeding in the morning.  We are giving him organic cow's milk for the other 2 meals and he has transitioned wonderfully.  We went straight to sippy cups, so no more bottles!

Loves anything with buttons: ie. amps, cell phones and remotes, but prefers the more expensive ones...of course.

Sings along with his daddy!  I love this one:)

"Gentle" is far from Cai's vocabulary!  He is SO rough and LOVES to wrestle.  He's been known to knock Zeke off his feet on occasion.  Shhh...don't tell Zeke I told you that one;)

What do you do with him during rehearsal?  Well, the same thing we did with the other two.  He is going to master the drums and guitar just like Zeke!

Starting to play games.  He likes to drop things and wait for our reaction.  He likes to splash water in his own face.  We have an on-going game when he wakes up in the morning or at naps.  We cuddle together until he has completely woken up.  Then, he makes an "mmmm" sound.  We'll copy each other back and forth until it gets faster and faster and then he picks his head up, takes his thumb out of his mouth and is ready to get down and play.

He has learned the difference between his and Zeke's bubbies and tries to steal Zeke's to make him mad. Usually Zeke does pretty well with it:)

Balls are a favorite lately.  He likes to play "fetch".  Who needs a dog when your one-year-old does all the drooling, plays all the games, and chews on everthing that a dog would?!  At least I can put a diaper on a baby, ha!

He loves people.  He hardly ever puts up a fuss while strangers "ooh" and "aww" over him.

We are so grateful for this third little life that God has blessed us with.

Happy 1st Birthday my sweet Micaiah Joel!
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