Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Its Official: We're Moving!

That's right.  We are moving back to the Raleigh, NC area.  All we're waiting on is the selling of our house.  Anyone want a cute house in a quiet neighborhood around the outskirts of Charlotte **hint, hint**?  E-mail me if you do and I'll give you the link;)

Don't worry we're still going to be doing what we do, just packing up our car from a different driveway to head out to lead worship.

Why the move? 
1- We'll be closer to all of our family.  All of Josh's brothers live in the Raleigh area and my siblings are up in the DC area so we'll have that family support that we've not had here in Charlotte.  It will be nice to have Rainy and Zeke grow up closer to their cousins that they love so much.

2-You know that feeling of driving into a town and just "feeling" like that is home?  Well, that is how the Raleigh area feels for us.  We lived there for 4 years before moving here to Charlotte and we've always missed it.

3- We have found a great church in the area which will help bring some stability to this crazy life we lead.  We'll be part of their worship team so we'll rotate through just like we have been doing from our home church here.  Not only is it a GREAT church, but Josh's brother is on staff there, so Rainy and Zeke will be able to go to church with their cousins.  And since 
Zeke + Church class - Areyna = DISASTER, 
we decided that some familiarity would be good for Zeke.  

4- We have been praying about my involvement in traveling now, with 3 children.  The church stability will be so important because I won't be traveling ALL the time.  We are going to be much more careful about the kids and what they need, as far as time at home etc., so being close to family in and out of church will be a huge blessing.

5- Our family can help with the kids when we need to travel without them.

6- I like new houses and rearranging, don't you?

7- We figured it wasn't exciting enough to just have a baby, we needed to add putting our house on the market the week after the birth and throw in a few house showings with a 4-year-old, a 3-year-old and an infant.  I mean, Areyna was 6 months old when we moved from Wake Forest to Henderson and Zeke was 6 weeks old when we moved from Henderson to Charlotte.  We figured we had all that down, let's add selling a house with an infant.  That sounds like fun;)

You can expect to see some crazy posts coming out of this one!
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