Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Out Of Necessity

Areyna and Zeke started out with separate rooms.

But, when we started traveling as a family, we quickly realized that, if we were going to make this work, we were going to have to make a change.

After an awful night, that we will never forget, we went home and went to work on rearranging the kid's rooms. After that trip our kids began sharing a room. It was an adjustment for sure, but one that I'll never regret.

Now we have 3 kids in the mix.

Micaiah has had his own room since he was born. But, after 10 months of traveling together, we have realized that Cai is a SUPER LIGHT SLEEPER! That just doesn't fly the night before we have to get up early and lead worship. Especially when both Areyna and Zeke are prone to talk, and walk, in their sleep.

After this weekend, and a rough Saturday night, we were forced to make a change at home. Which I don't mind at all. I love rearranging. It's home re-decorating with a $0 budget!

We talked to the kids about how we needed to help Micaiah learn how to sleep with other people in the room, and that we wanted to include them in this decision.

As soon as I asked Areyna if she'd like her own room she got a HUGE smile. Then I said, "OR you could share a room with Zeke AND Micaiah." Her smile grew even bigger and she was pumped.

Even after I asked if Zeke wanted an "all-boy room" he just couldn't seem to part with Rainy.

So, the next morning I went to work on the kids rooms.

BEFORE: Micaiah's room from the doorway
BEFORE: Micaiah's Room
BEFORE: Areyna and Zeke's room
I know...we still need to paint!
AFTER: Micaiah's room from the doorway
NOW the playroom/guest room
AFTER: Micaiah's room
NOW the playroom/guest room

This one takes a little imagination -
picture brown walls...eventually
AFTER: Areyna and Zeke's room
NOW all 3!
The play closet is now the changing room:)
The first night was a success. Micaiah woke up one time because of Zeke coughing and went right back to sleep after a minute or so.

Zeke got up and went to the bathroom around 7:30am so that woke Cai up but I didn't go in and get him until 8am even though he fussed off and on.

The tricky part is going to be keeping Areyna and Zeke sleeping until their normal 8:30-9am wake-up time when I have to feed Cai around 8am.

I won't complain though. I was prepared for a nightmare of a night. We'll see how day 2 goes.
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