Friday, June 11, 2010

Fun Facts For Friday

Fly Lady was back in the kitchen, and my kitchen is still pretty clean after my last sweep through so I decided to tackle a few things outside this week;)

1 - It took me two days to mow the grass this week. I get so into my projects that it's hard for me to stop and take a break, so it's probably a good thing that the mower ran out of gas on me. I picked it right back up the next day and finished it. Have I mentioned before that we have a HUGE yard! Not only that, but it is mainly weeds. Why in God's creation do weeds grow quicker than grass and why oh why does it already look like it could use another cutting already?!

Notice the dirt-creases arms
and NO that is not a nice tan on my legs, ha!
Notice, also, that I cropped my face out. My hair was hidious and I was just praying that nobody would go by that knew me.

2 - I started trimming the bushes in the front yard. We hadn't done anything with them since we moved in and they were getting out of control! I've spent several hours out there over the past couple of days weeding and trimming and bagging. I've seen way more wolf spiders than I ever care to see and those darn holly bushes have made my arms swell up each place I was pricked. Grrr...
Still Have A Ways To Go...
But Here's What I've Done So Far
3 - I have wanted to organize our storage shed since we moved in. Everything that looked like it belonged outside was just piled in there and we have just been pulling things out and piling them back in after their use. It was driving me CRAZY! It's still full of quite a bit of stuff from our landlord but it looks much better. We even got the kids strollers and bikes in there.


We are getting a new roof because we had a leak in our living room, but after that, maybe people will stop coming by offering their services for things around the house like roofing, tree disposal and landscaping. I know we've looked a little redneck lately but sheesh!

4 - Totally un-related, but Micaiah is in roomtime with Rainy and Zeke right now. They are LOVING having a real baby to play "mommy and daddy" with. Not so fun for Cai;)

5 - I'm fresh out of facts for today. I'm spent and realizing more and more that these youth conferences are taking longer and longer to recover from. It might help if I stayed out of the 90 degree weather doing yard work for a day or two after getting home, I suppose.

Happy Friday!
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