Friday, May 14, 2010

Fun Facts For Friday

1 - My 15-minute challenge has turned this house around!

Last month I perfected the habit of making my bed. Not that we had a problem of getting it made before, I just got in the habit of doing it first thing. This kind of jump starts the motivation for the day.

This week's focus has been in the kitchen. I have been wiping the fronts of the cabinets, wiping down all the small appliances, and, as you know, I'm already working on cleaning out the pantry, ha!, and I just cleaned out and scrubbed my refrigerator. Wow, it feels SO good!
Have you ever SEEN such a clean refrigerator?

2 - Josh and I got our calendars together for the summer. It's a little overwhelming to look at it as a whole. I'm going to just have to go one week at a time. We have 6 summer camps in June and July alone. Sheesh! We sat down and talked through which ones I'll be going to and whether or not we'll be bringing the kids to each one. I can already foresee some Themed Dinners coming up:)

3 - Micaiah started getting this strange rash on Monday morning and by Tuesday morning he was beginning to be covered with these red dots. He had just finished his second round of antibiotics for ear infections on Sunday so I thought it was too late to be a reaction to that.

Well, after bringing him in on Wednesday morning (it looked HORRIBLE ya'll!) we found out that he is allergic to Penicillin (Zeke is too...weird). They also saw that he STILL had his ear infections. They prescribed a different, 3-day antibiotic. I didn't go pick it up though, is that terrible? I hate, hate, hate giving my kids so much medicine, especially when it effects them so strangely. I am on day 4 of garlic oil to see if we can knock this out organically before trying yet another round of antibiotics. He smells like a garlic stick, but he sure has been happy and content.

4 - Super Doubles starts at Harris Teeter next Wednesday. Couldn't have come at a better time. I will most definitely be participating!

5 - We had a HUGE tree cut down in our front yard this week. We were having very large, dead limbs fall off, the kind that could smoosh tiny bodies playing underneath. One of those particular large, dead limbs came just a few feet from a friend's car that was over and it would have crushed it. Anyway, we, actually our landlord (yeah for renting) got it cut down. We even got Zeke up from his nap (he was just playing with Cai anyway) to let the kids watch. It was pretty amazing. I think we're pretty set on firewood for a few years, ha!
And this is AFTER a man came and filled his truck up to his content!


Josh just went out and got donuts and milk for breakfast! It's's a glorious morning!

Micaiah is officially pulling up to standing, as of Wednesday.
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