Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oasis 10

We had a GREAT weekend at Ingleside's camp, Oasis 10. I love that we've gotten to minister to this group of students so many times that we are actually starting to recognize faces and build friendships.

Our band was amazing! We had Patrick Downing on Bass, Jordan Leino on drums, Andy Cherry on Electric and Scott Spruill on Keys.

Last year Ingleside brought in Tenth Avenue North. This year they brought in Master Illusionist, Harris III. It was unreal. Josh and I spent several hours on the way home (I know, it's only supposed to take 3.5 hours. I'll tell you about that trip tomorrow!) speculating as to how he did it all. Zeke has been acting out magic tricks since we got home. The cool thing about it is that Harris relates his illusions to Christianity.

Dr. Alvin Reid was the speaker for the weekend and did a great job communicating to all the students.

Several students accepted Christ and many others made decisions. There was a sweet spirit for sure.

Our kids had a great time too. We spent hours in the pools. I mean, good grief, with 8 to choose from... And don't forget the ocean that we could watch from our hotel room patio and walk to whenever we wanted.
Check out Zeke's new trick:
He didn't need my help in the least this trip.

We had so much help with our kids during services,
Lana and the kids
and meals.
Matt feeding Micaiah
and just loving on them.
Katelyn designated Areyna as an honorary yellow team member
Thank you everyone for all your help and for being so sweet to our kids! (and thanks Katelyn for the pictures;)
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