Monday, April 5, 2010

What Does One Do?... Part 2

What Does One Do Without A Computer ~ Part 2
~ Gardening ~

We took our Holy Week activity of planting seeds to another level this year. I've been wanting to plant a garden for years and this week I think I got as close to fulfilling my fantasy as I'll ever get! We decided to plant vegetable (and strawberry) seeds this year. It won't nearly have the same effect as the fast growing seeds we've done in the past but we thought it would be a nice change.

We originally planted our strawberry plants in our flower bed...until we realized that it is FULL-BLOWN infested with Red Fire Ants and Flying Ants. I broke my computer fast to read up on some natural solutions to exterminate those pesky little creatures. I tried hot coffee, sugar and baking soda, which are all supposed to be poisonous to ants, to no avail! *sigh*

Determined to have a garden, I turned a section of our backyard into my own garden. Don't laugh, I've NEVER done this before and could use any tips for gardening that you could give.
Now, giving my track record for actually KILLING vegetation I'll be surprised to see if I can keep these veggies alive!
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