Monday, April 5, 2010

What Does One Do... Part 1

If you've been following my blog for at least the past week or so, you know that I gave up my computer for a week during our family's observance of Lent. It was one of the best things I could have ever done...and yet, one of the hardest things as well!

During that time I realized just how much I relied on my computer for recipes, questions about gardening (I'll come back to this one!), uploading pictures, writing down blog post ideas, Holy Week activities, ministry, personal finances, etc. The list just went on and on.

Since I know you have been DYING to find out what I did with myself last week without the computer or internet I'll break it down for you=)

What Does One Do Without A Computer - Part 1
Holy Week ~ Seder

This week we celebrated Holy Week as a family again. Our kids are beginning to look forward to this time of year. We incorporated many of our usual ideas, like the cleaning day and planting seeds, and added a couple of new ones to keep the focus fresh.

It was our turn to host small group at our house this week. I figured, since it was Holy Week it would be fun to prepare a Seder (we always eat dinner together for small group). This was a first for me and since I wasn't going to be able to try any of the food beforehand, I was a little nervous. I gave a brief explanation of the symbolism in the meal and I think everyone enjoyed it. The meal ended up tasting pretty good and was very filling too!

Areyna helped me every step of the way
from getting the grocery list together to chopping the apples!
Charoset AKA "The Clay"
Signifies the "clay" that the Israelites used to make bricks while in captivity.
Cinnamon Stick represents the "straw" that they used in the bricks

Preparing The Eggs
Signifies the Sacrificial Offering
Romaine Lettuce - One of our "Bitter Herbs".
We decided to make a salad out of it.
Signifies the bitter exit of the Israelites

The rest of the meal consisted of:

Signifying the hasty exit of the Israelites.
They didn't have time for yeast to rise.

Horseradish and Parsley are another "bitter herb" commonly used.
I made a marinade for our Chicken
(which can be used in a Christian Seder instead of Lamb)

Marinade Recipe: Horseradish, lemon juice, Parsley, Red Wine

2 White Candles which represent the Blessing

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