Monday, March 22, 2010

The Best Times Eight

The past eight years have been full of...
  • the best foot and hand massages (this is actually how our love began)
  • surprises (pregnancies, $300 speakers, get-aways, ministry opportunities, dance routines...)
  • hold-your-cheeks laughter
  • transitions that I can't imagine ever going through without you
  • learning experiences
  • tears (of every kind)
  • the sweetest, most comfortable silences
The past eight years have been spent with my best friend!

We made it past the itch without a hitch. I love you baby...happy eight years.

Can't wait to spend a lifetime more of them with you!

***Tomorrow is our anniversary and we're here at the beach for FREE! My baby got us the hook-up! You frugal hottie you...makes me want to give you a kiss...or somethin';) I'll post pictures of this awesome house later, you won't believe it!***
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