Friday, February 12, 2010

Fun Facts For Friday - "What Makes My Daddy My Hero"

1 - "Because he's my prince and I'm his princess and I love him" - Areyna

2 - "Because he has a cool pedal board" - Zeke

3 - "Because he does funny things like spank my mommy's booty" - Areyna

4 - "Because he's gonna get me real drumsticks at Guitar Center" - Zeke

5 - "Because he plays guitar like Happy Day" - Areyna

6 - "He can get his own clothes on." - Zeke

Why I love this hero of mine:

1 - He's pretty stinkin' sexy (I'm just sayin')

2 - He writes beautiful music (click to get a free download!)

3 - He can search out an awesome deal like the best of 'em.

4 - He's a fun and creative daddy.

5 - He love the Lord and seeks to be a godly example for our children!

6 - He is a GREAT writer.

7 - He chooses to play along with me in my money-saving endeavor=)

8 - He takes time to find out what shouts his love to me!

9 - He always saves me the last bite=)

10 - He really has a way with words, ha!

I can't think of anyone I'd rather grow old with! I love you Baby...

Have A Happy Valentine's Day Weekend ya'll=)
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