Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just Eat The Last Bite

I spotted the cookies on the second shelf of the pantry earlier this morning and then put the thought in the back of my mind for when I wanted a little snack.  I didn't realize how LITTLE the snack would be!  Thanks for leaving me 1 COOKIE ... I'd rather have not seen that we had any cookies at all!  

Does this happen to you?  

I'll think I have a whole tub of ice cream only to find about 1 spoonful left when I open it up.  Or maybe I thought I had a couple of popsicles in the freezer only to open an empty box.  I do have a guess as to who the culprit might be=)  

Here's a message for the cookie monster that ate my snack, just eat the last bite and throw the box away because it drives my taste buds CRAZY, no longer knowing what to crave, not to mention my fetish to consolidate.
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