Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cheap Oil Change and Tire Rotation

With all the back and forth Josh and I have been doing with 1 car (since our Honda is still in Charlotte) we have really racked up the miles.  It was time for an oil change.  That was top priority on our to-do list yesterday.  

My husband, being the deal seeker that I've made him to be, wasn't about to pay the $68 it would have cost him for the oil change and tire rotation at Jiffy Lube.  He went online and found a couple GREAT coupons and then took them around and found a shop that would honor them.  He ended up paying $18.99 (tax included) for everything.  How awesome is that!

Then, after checking out at Kroger for a few items I had put on a list (and making sure he got the lowest prices on the items of course), he saw a small stack of coupons on the counter and brought them home to me.  He thought it was funny because normally he would have walked straight past them and now it is instinct to look for them and snag them up.  He is slowly beginning to realize that coupons are like money around here=)

He also scoured the mall for the best price on cons and found some for $15.00 as opposed to the normal $40-$60 he found for them everywhere else.  Believe me, new shoes was a need.  Especially when Areyna would hold her nose every time Josh would walk by with his big toe hanging out of a hole and she'd say, "Daddy, I don't like the way you smell."

I love my man and I love that he is helping in this endeavor to make every penny count.
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