Monday, January 18, 2010

The Joys Of Boys

Me: "Guys, who just smeared toothpaste all over the bathroom counter?"
Areyna: "Zeke did."

Me: "Hey, who locked ya'lls bedroom door...that we DON'T have a key for?"
Areyna: "Zeke did."

Me: "Um...who just tore up that tissue into ity-bity pieces all over the floor?"
Zeke: "I did, they are clouds!"

Me: "What in the world! Who put all my stuff in there???"
Josh: "Zeke did, you know how he is with bags=)"

Me: "Why are there dents all over the kitchen table?"
Thinking to myself: "I already know the answer. Zeke must have been 'drumming' with the dinner forks again."

Why do I even ask anymore?

I love you my sweet, dirty, creative son!
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