Monday, December 21, 2009

Breaking The Habit

Out with the old, in with the new
Transferring all his stuff from his favorite bag, his lunchbox,
into the gift bag that held his new ornament.

This is the worst - layers
Ex. A box inside a bag

I've admitted before that I have a problem. I LOVE bags. All sorts of bags: Pocket books, Diaper bags, Beach bags, Reusable grocery bags, etc. I get this giddy feeling inside when I get a new bag, organizing and reorganizing my stuff to find the perfect place for all my stuff.

So it should come as no surprise to me that my son has a similar addiction. He loves bags to put all his "tuff" in too. But he has absolutely gone bag crazy lately! He is about to drive me crazy with all these bags. This little OCD world that I have created around me has bean turned upside down! The belongings around our house no longer have a home, only to be stuffed inside of a bag to be toted around to who knows where. I can't keep up with anything when bag boy is around.

I mean, good grief...this boy is more excited about the bag than the gift inside=)

It's so bad that when I get home from the grocery store I have to immediately throw away the grocery bags or put the reusable ones away before Zeke can snag them. I have learned that I have to completely take the temptation away before the option is even presented to him. I have become quite slick though, as I sneak around and confiscate the dormant bags before my little bag boy can catch me.

It's pretty funny to go through his bags and see what stuff he's decided to put where. We always end up getting home with more than we left with as he goes around other's peoples houses looking for "treasures" to put in his bags. Food is the worst. I just found a hard bagel this morning that he had gotten from church.

This has been a tough habit to break, and I'm not sure he'll ever refuse a good bag on his own, but at least I am learning how to cope with my son's addiction and am learning how to live to the fullest as a family through this time=)
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