Friday, January 15, 2010

You Know You Do It Too!

Yesterday I got up early, I brushed my teeth extra long, I scrubbed extra hard in the shower, I even shaved, I put on make-up, I even put on lipstick, I fixed my hair really pretty, I picked out the "perfect" clothes, found some great accessories, and sprayed my best perfume. I had a HOT date;)

It was that time of year again. You know THE yearly check-up time. I had my six-week follow-up appointment (a few months late, oh well, better late than never) and it was time to do EVERYTHING else too. I hate this appointment but know it's for my own good so I feel like I need to make the best of it, thinking that if I look good that maybe I won't feel so...uh...vulnerable?

I remember my follow-up appointment after having Zeke. I put glitter lotion on my legs. My Dr. looked up at me and HE said, "Do you have glitter on your legs?!" and began laughing out loud=) Hey, it was scented too! I go all out for my doctors.
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