Monday, May 4, 2009


This is my menu board.  The original use was to help me remember what was for dinner so I wouldn't keep forgetting all the "sides" for dinner=)

Here's what happened:
The original message - Homemade Pizza
Then the family came for Easter and the next thing I saw was - Homemade Pizza and Love
Which quickly turned into - Homemade Love
Then just as quickly became - Homemade Love Making

But then my "Welcome Home Fairy" and her family came and it now reads - Homemade Frequent Love Making

I thought this was hilarious ... until I began to replay the last week or two over in my head and realized all the people that have walked into my kitchen for one reason or another.  You know, the complete strangers like the clan of guys that came to clean our air ducts last week or my friends brother who is about to leave for Iraq.  Then I began to blush a little, realizing what that may look like as this pregnant momma walks around with her 2 close-in-age toddlers.  They probably really think this is a rule in our house=)
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