Thursday, April 30, 2009

The "Welcome Home Fairy"

A few months ago I wrote a post about how I wish I had a personal Fairy who would come and prepare my house so I wouldn't be so overwhelmed when I got home from a retreat or conference.

Well my friends, today my fairy has arrived!!!!  I'm not joking!  We drove up to our house and my newspaper was off of our driveway and all my flowers were happy and watered.  THIS is what usually happens when I leave my poor plants for an extended period of time=)  Then I walked into my house.  The rooms were spotless, my laundry was folded, my dishes were all put away, I had clean sheets on my bed (and the kids beds), all my coupons were cut, and I had sweet notes from the "fairy" and her family to us!  What a welcome home surprise!!!  I could hardly hold back the tears when I walked in and realized what had happened.

Josh's brother, Jonathan, and his wife and 2 girls came in to "borrow" our house for a night because Jonathan was going to a conference here in Charlotte.  It was cool to know that we could be of service even though we were out of town ourselves=)  But I NEVER expected this.  Kelly thank you SO much!!!!  She knew that Josh and I only have 2 days together before he heads off to another week-long event.  Now, she didn't light the mood candles, but that would have been a little scary, as they would have probably burned our house down by the time we arrived but what a blessing=)
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