Friday, May 8, 2009

Fun Facts For Friday

1- I got up this morning to use the bathroom, again, at 5:30am and couldn't get back to sleep.  

2- Yes, I allow my kids to eat food off the floor.  Hey, I paid good money for that, plus it cuts back on my floor-sweeping time=)  And yes, that was a shriveled-up, purple cheerio that Zeke ate out of the bottomless pit of a diaper bag at rehearsal last night!

3- Does it ever end?  Morning sickness, that is.  When I was pregnant with Areyna, a girl, I was sick from 6 weeks to about 22 weeks and then it was pretty much over.  These boys, on the other hand, is off and on all the way through.  Last night and this morning...good times!

4- I never had the first-time mom sterilization/germ problem.  EX.  I never boiled my bottles or toys...never put a protective cover on my restaurant chairs or grocery carts...never went to wash the pacifier if it fell on the floor...never wiped down the tables at a new eating place.

5- I am TERRIBLE at remembering birthdays and special events.  It's either that or they make me so nervous that I purposefully block them out of my mind, later feeling like a terrible wife, mom, friend, daughter...

Tell me a fun fact about you!
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