Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Road Rules - Eating On The Go

Many of you gave some GREAT ideas for breakfasts in the car on the way to churches early in the morning.  Thank you!!

Here are a few other things we've learned to do.  This planning helps to cut back on costs for meals on the road.  Sometimes we pack snacks and other times I'll pack a whole meal depending on how far away we're going.  Other times we'll just camp out in a parking lot and get a Hot And Ready Pizza.  I do have to think about our travel plans every week while I'm getting my grocery list ready.  For instance, I sit down with my calendar and figure out all the meals I'll need for the week, plus what I'll need for breakfast in the car to such-n-such a church or lunch on the way to a gig up North, and add them into my grocery list.  It doesn't always go as planned, but it helps to have this general system.

What do you do for meals when you travel?
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