Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Meels On Wheals...Any Ideas?

Sunday mornings are kind of crazy, as so many of you know. Not just for people in ministry, but for all of human kind who attend Sun. morning church and have kids. Most of the time when we are going to be leading locally at a church I have a lot of preparation that needs to be done on Sat. night, such as laying out the kids clothes, shoes, socks and jackets. I also pack the diaper bag so as not to leave anything at home that could be of necessity at church, like diapers, an extra pair of clothes in case Rainy has an accident and of course an extra "bubby", Zeke's blanket. I also have to plan accordingly for meals. I always have to pack a breakfast since we usually have sound check and sometimes even band practice BEFORE the services which means waking the kids up early and puting them directly in the car, and sometimes I pack a lunch if there are a million services that run into lunch, like at our home church. Anyway, I'm running out of ideas for breakfasts especially. The kids are getting pretty tired of granola/cereal bars and dried cereal. We eat on the way to the church most of the time so I have to have something that will not completely destroy the car and still keep the kids clothes clean for church. I tried poptarts and will never do that again. Let's just say that the gooey middle isn't always a GOOD thing. If you have any ideas please let me know, my kids would be super grateful!!
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