Thursday, August 31, 2017

Counting Eggs ~ Counting Blessings

It's the end of the month and I know for a fact that we aren't the only family who plays the what-can-we-create-from-our-remnants-in-the-pantry game to get by until the next paycheck.

(Please don't read this and rush out to get us a grocery gift card because our family is starving!  WE ARE FINE;)!  We get paid TONIGHT, woohoo!)

Ahem, back to my story.

As I was cleaning up breakfast and filling up our recycling bin with all the empty containers from finishing up many of the contents of the refrigerator and pantry, I stopped and looked in our bowl where we keep the eggs.  Empty.  Not a huge deal, but the newest ladies outside are still getting used to their new egg-laying job and the number of eggs we get are highly unpredictable.  So naturally I'm gonna pray for them to lay well this particular day.  I counted up the average daily egg requests and asked the Lord to give us 8 eggs for the following morning.

Fast forward to 3:45 when the kids walked home from school and Alethia begins telling me that her friend, Madison, told her that she loved seeing our cute chickens free-ranging in the yard on her way to school that day.  Sure enough, I look out the window and realized that FOUR of our more mature egg-layers had been out ALL.DAY.LONG.  How in the world did that happen?!  Zeke and I then spent the better part of the next 10 minutes chasing after rounding them up and grabbing them leading them back to the coop.  Egg-laying time was over so when I peeked in the coop to see how many eggs God had blessed us with I counted in anticipation.

One.  Two.  Three.  Four.  Five.

It would have been so cool to have seen the exact 8 eggs that I had prayed for, but after realizing that 4 main egg-layers had escaped their responsibilities that day I wasn't surprised.

At breakfast this morning we began taking egg orders.  I didn't say a word about how many eggs we had in the bowl.  And wouldn't you know, we were able to fulfill all the desired egg orders!  Nobody went without their desired egg and everyone had just enough to eat to fill their bellies from breakfast.  Josh even made us adults delicious omelets with the leftover eggs.

I tell you this for a couple of reasons.

One, I prayed to a great big God about my silly request for 8 eggs.  I prayed specifically and in full faith that God could allow us to get 8 eggs.  But I also prayed in Jesus name, which means I prayed with open hands, knowing that ultimately God knows what we need more than I do.  So, regardless of the outcome, I knew that God was in control.

God wants us to bring our requests to Him, no matter how small and insignificant it seems.

Two, God answered my prayer.  Not with the 8 eggs that I asked for, but with JUST WHAT WE NEEDED for the next day...and He accomplished it with 4 of our main egg-layers out playing hooky all day!  My mind immediately went to this verse:

"...for your Father knows what you need before you ask him."
Matthew 6:8
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