Friday, September 1, 2017

Friday Free-For-All ~ FREE Music, Eclipse, Family Gatherings, Art and More!

We have been re-growing some sweet potato slips from a sweet potato I'd been saving from the store and got to finally plant them this week!  I can't wait to see how they do in the Colony Garden!

Rainy told me that she has a special kind of love in her heart for our crippled chicken, Gimley.
I mean, look at how sweet she is cuddling with Rainy:)

Jude is our last to lose his first tooth...
in true Jude fashion he ran in from playing outside with his tooth in his hand
after pulling it out all on his own!
And then he ran off to play.
This kid needs us for NOTHING, ha!

Cai's "Mr. Bones" dabbing

Chive blossoms and Rosemary ~ the perfect fresh bouquet from the garden

Jude and his little people are my current favorite pictures these days.

Story time with Uncle Fro/Daddy.
Kaliyah loved Jude's little bed area and Josh's bedtime stories.

We had such a great time watching the eclipse.
We pulled the kids out of school early, gathered the other Via tribe and my parents
and enjoyed this experience together!

We had several different methods going because we only had 4 pairs of the glasses to pass around.
Jonathan made a pinhole projector out of paper.
We had a bucket of water that reflected the event.
We also made pinhole projectors out of cereal boxes.
Thanks for capturing some of these photos Kelly!
I covered my camera lens with foil, put a pinhole in it and covered it with the eclipse glasses.

 I've been catching Batman really digging in the word this week.
He will literally sit on our bed for HOURS reading the Bible.
But he decided to change it up and learn Ableton today, ha!
(silly Josh)

Jemma helped to keep Zeke company when he was sick with strep throat last week.

It's no secret that Jude has a difficult time respecting and submitting to authority.
We have really been cracking down on him and he has been working SO HARD this week.
So hard that he got up to PINK, the highest you can go on his color chart at school!
PTL, there is hope for him yet!

We had a fun gathering after the Uganda Via's flew in a few weeks ago.
And somehow Kelly was able to snag a photo of all of the kids!
Photo Cred: Kelly Via
 I have a few new friends who speak little to no English and this app
has been a LIFESAVER for being able to communicate with them!
I can now text them and sit next to them on the couch and carry on conversations with them.

Go get the "Speak & Translate" FREE App. to keep the translation barrier from getting in your way!

Our church just released a REMIX album of some of our original tunes.
Thanks for all your hard work on these, Eric Heflin.

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