Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Story In Pictures ~ Friday Night's With The Colony

Josh and I have been on a new adventure for finding family fun outside of technology.
(That is a worth a whole other post.  
Technology has taken a back burner in the Colony Casa these days,
and we couldn't be happier about this mutual decision.)

On a typical Friday night you could find us cuddled up in the family room, watching a family-friendly movie, eating our homemade pizza in the past.

But we wanted to branch out a little bit to intentionally engage with each other.

And in doing so we have found a new favorite spot...
Sandling Beach on Falls Lake.

You only have to pay for parking ($6/car, but even last week when we went it was FREE parking!)

The view is gorgeous,
the beach is big enough not to feel crowded,
picnic tables make it easy to have a picnic dinner,
and it stays open long enough to watch the sunset together before showering off and heading home.

It's the next best thing to a day trip to the beach!

Jude calls this his "dolphin jump".  He is FINALLY venturing out into the deep(er) side of the water.

creativity at its best

***The website says that dogs are allowed, hence all the photos with Jemma,
but after arriving we saw no-dog signs posted on the border of the beach area.
Needless to say, Jemma hasn't made a recurring appearance.***
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