Thursday, June 22, 2017

Homebound Adventures (in photos)

We had to be out of our hotel by 11am but were in NO hurry to get home.

So we drove up the road a little bit to the Jockey's Ridge Sand Dunes to hike out some energy
and to see the beautiful sites.

After that sandy excursion we decided to get an hour or so under our belt before stopping for our lunch.  We weren't too far down the road before the map let us know that we were about to come upon an accident and that we could expect to be sitting on the two-lane HWY for over an hour!

So of course we decided to try to find an alternate route.

We saw a few other cars turning down a side road and then drove into what appeared to be woods.
We figured we were up for an adventure so we followed suit guided by our GPS and the handful of other like-minded drivers.

This off-roading adventure just happened to be the PERFECT Father's Day gift according to the look on Josh's face.  We bonded quickly with the other SUV drivers in the bunch as we tried our hardest to get through the road blocks and to the other side...but we were surrounded on every side by swamps, cement and/or chained road blocks and had to turn back.  Luckily the wreck was all cleaned up and nowhere in site by the time we finished our little off-road adventure.

By that time we were really getting hungry and found the PERFECT rest area/wild life refuge.

After a quick picnic from leftover food from our cooler we decided we had one more adventure in us.
It started with a 12 minute video in the museum about the area and the wildlife surrounding us.
Then we took off on the trails to see what we could see.

When we got back to the entrance we were sweaty, stinky and ready for the rest of the car ride home to cool us off and relax.

Everything about this day was special and we were so glad we took the time to stop and enjoy it all!
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