Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Colony Beach Trip 2017

Josh planned it out, I packed 'em up,
and we headed to the OBX for 3 days with JUST US!

The rip tides were super strong this particular weekend 
so we were careful not to get too far into the waves.

Josh enjoyed lots of reading, relaxing, riding the choppy waves with the kids, 
digging for little crabs and chasing the kids around in the surf.

I, on the other hand, didn't even crack the books I brought!
I did, however, take a ton of pictures (way more than I could ever post, ha!)
and simply sat and soaked in those three wonderful days.

The kids played near the edge of the water and in the breaking waves on the shore 
almost the whole trip.

Jude loved trying to capture these little guys.
He also liked air karate chopping the wind (which was freaking hilarious to watch)
and boogie boarding with Zeke.

Alethia mostly spent her time making new friends and doing cartwheels in the waves.

Cai liked "getting stuck" in holes that he would dig so he could stay grounded when the current would try to pull him in the ocean.

Zeke's favorite thing, by far, was boogie boarding in the surf!

We enjoyed getting to know Addison and her family this weekend.
We stayed in the same hotel and came out every day together.

The first day was super hazy but the other
the brilliant bright colors were too gorgeous NOT to take photos of!

Jude spent a few rounds just sitting to readjust his little heart.
but overall we all stayed pretty positive.

Areyna LOVED standing, watching, jumping and splashing in the waves 
that crashed in around her.
She's our little mermaid at heart:-)

We also had some fun adventures on the way home that I'll document later this week hopefully.

So thankful for this time to unplug from "real life" and just BE.
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