Thursday, May 25, 2017

Story In Pictures ~ Josh's Graduation

Josh had toyed with the idea of going back to school to get his doctorate off and on for several years.

Three years ago he felt like the Lord gave him the green light and he dove in.

He was placed in a cohort with 3 other guys.
Over the course of these three years Jacob, Josh, Kelly and Jeff would create a friendship that would keep each other accountable in school and 
encourage one another in their own ministry and mission fields.

They would later find out how rare it would be to all make it through to the end at the same pace.

Jacob, Josh, Kelly, Jeff
Each graduate is invited to the President's home, Magnolia Hill, to visit with the professors
before graduation.

Dr. Robinson, one of Josh's panel professors

Dr. Akin - President of SEBTS

This is Magnolia Hill

the "hooding ceremony"

Dr. Reid - Josh's Major professor

Dr. Akin got to meet all the kids.  Jude was being compliant as always, ha!

The cohort Doctors

Josh and his dad

Josh and his parents

Josh and my parents

Josh's brother, Jared, and his family made it down for the graduation.

along with Josh's sister Joy and her family.

the hat got passed around quite a bit among the Colony kids.

Even Uncle Ray came to support Josh!
So thankful for this opportunity for Josh and even the rest of us as we get to glean from all that God did and is doing through this season.
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