Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Photos

Zeke, heading up another one of his amazing inventions.
He laid a dolly down, placed a board on it, colored pedals and buttons,
added seat cushions and a wii remote steering wheel,
to make an amazing "go cart".
Amazed at how things like this can grow through tiny little cracks in brick steps and cement driveways.
Jude insisted that we take his training wheels off.
I reluctantly (after much of his persistent requests) took them off and led him to the soft grass to help with the falls.
While we were instructing him on how to get started, he jumped on, pushed his feet forward on the pedals
and rode away!  He can totally keep up with the big kids!
Reading stories to "get hot" before diving into the 3-ring 2-ring blow up pool.
I don't know what is funnier...watching Cai tell his version of stories or listening to Jude laugh hysterically at him!
Sometimes math just makes more sense when somebody other than mom explains it.
We were able to use our rose bushes to bless neighbors all around us this past Mother's Day weekend.
We've been without a laundry line for about a year and finally bit the bullet and got another one.
I caught Jude and Alethia playing "family" in the field.
Their relationship is SO sweet.  They rarely ever even fight.
These two love playing hand clapping games with the rhymes that we used to play growing up.
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