Saturday, May 13, 2017

Friday Photos (on Saturday, minus graduation pics)

Not only did Zeke bring me the most beautiful weeds flowers from the field...
he brought the roots WITH them, ha!  He is such an all or nothing kid.

Rainy has been SUCH a huge help with Jude in school and helped him finish out his year this week.

They have really grown a sweet relationship this past year.
We're gonna miss Jude when he goes to school in July. But we won't mind the quieter atmosphere, lol.

Regrown lettuce is growing in nicely.

Cai, for the first time in his life, has really begun to enjoy reading.
He has made a goal for himself to read 3 books every day after he finishes his homework:-).

We found a tree frog.
And of course he became our pet for a few hours.


Jude has been on an Insanity kick with SeanT the past couple of weeks
He completed three 45 minute videos this week all on his own.
It's so cute to watch, and even cuter when he yells out to me to grab him some ice water for his 30 second breaks, haha!

Oh yeah, we got a bunny this week for me!
He is TINY, although this picture of him is deceiving.
The Colony has appropriately named him Cocoa.

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