Thursday, May 4, 2017

Friday Photos

The Colony Pool is open for business!
Hellooooo MAY!
This photo credit goes to Rainy.  She is becoming quite the little photographer!
Clearly the dad is having just as much fun in the pool as the kids are lol.
I wonder how all the grass and dirt gets in there...hmmmmm...
(photo credit: Areyna Via)
A rare quiet moment with Zeke...
in the little blue wagon:-)
It's always sweet to spend some time with friends while we drink root beer, eat pizza and watch the kids swim

The longer the grass the better!
That's the motto around here.  At least for the fields surrounding our house.
Because that means I can get the riding mower and make fun paths for the kids to run in like a maze.
We are always sad when the big mowers come and cut it all down a few days later, but they sure enjoy it when it lasts. 

We've been doing "all the farm things" this past week as we prep the coop for the littlest chickadees to roam around with the big ladies.  Jude took great pride in scraping the poop off of the roof, because our chickens are apparently too good to sleep INSIDE the coop and and prefer to stargaze from the top, ha!
Alethia doing what she does best...being a little mommy to one of our cute friends that came to play.
Hand picked with love for mom.

Rainy had a couple of extra cooks in the kitchen on her day to cook dinner.

Always adventuring outside, walking sticks in hand, friends and siblings close by...
this is what childhood memories are made of.  

Scheming up the next magnificent plan.

Whenever I capture these five doing anything, I am reminded of just how blessed our family is!
God has provided more than we could ever need!
Thank you Craigslist, Dr. Joe and everyone else who made F-I-V-E bikes possible for these Colony kids.
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