Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Just Move

When you have a dream do you wait for something to happen before you start moving?

Sometimes I do.

But sometimes God will birth in you a dream that you know will not come to fruition for a while, but something in you just won't let you sit and wait.  There are steps you can take to make sure you follow that dream and calling.

For Josh and I, we have a dream of having a large ranch or farm(ish) place to live.  Just a big enough house for our family, but with additions on the land for other families to come live with us.  To live alongside us for a set period of time as we mentor, teach and do life together.  We'd love to have a pond, at least one separate living quarter for another family, a garden...

...and a HUGE farm table.

The table is going to be the focal point of life.
We get our sustenance from this table.
We talk about our days and aspirations.
We discuss where God is taking us and what He is teaching us.

Right now we have a table just big enough for our family, so any time we have a couple or family over we are scrounging around for seating so we can all eat together.  And we have people over A LOT!

So, the next step in the Colony home is going to be the biggest table we can fit into our dining room.

But all of a sudden we had a problem.  Our dining room couldn't fit a larger table even if we wanted it too.  (We already have 7 people squeezing in around it and limited room to walk between chairs and wall.)  Now, I know we need to wait on God's timing and all, but sometimes we can move in the direction He is calling us, before it is actually time, because it gives us accountability to KEEP MOVING.

After mentally rearranging several different times over multiple sleepless nights (this is the time ideas birth people) I decided we just needed to make a change.  Knowing that we were nowhere close to having the resources to make our dream table and benches, knowing that we were no closer to moving to a place like we are dreaming, but KNOWING that we have steps we can take before actually getting to the final destination.

For us, that meant moving our dining room table into one of our living rooms.  That's right we have two, so it kind of makes sense!  The kids were a little bummed because we took their "ice skating room" but they will get over it, ha!

Our used-to-be dining room is now a reading/music room, which also makes sense!

Now we are ready.
For whatever and whenever.

Look for the little steps you can make along the way to waiting.
You will still be patiently waiting for God's perfect timing, but personally preparing the way for it to realistically work.
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