Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's Good To Remember

Josh and I just spent the last 45 minutes recounting one of the darkest times in our marriage.

Not because we were feeling sorry for ourselves.

Not because we enjoy thinking about those hard times.

But because we can now see how God orchestrated those dark times to bring us to where we are today!

If we would have never gone through that time, even though we suffered greatly during it, we would have never come to Raleigh when we did...

...we would have never introduced Josh's brother and sister-in-law to Journey...

...they would have never started attending there...

...and for sure wouldn't have begun working there... we wouldn't have ever begun coming in to lead worship there... begin the relationship we have with this beautiful display of Christ's church...

...later calling this body our home!

It's good to remember where we have come from.

Even the darkest of times.

It's good to think of the things we have learned along the way.

Because the darkest of times is when we tend to absorb the most!

It's good to see the place He brought us out of.

To bring us to a place where we can bring Him the MOST glory!

It's a humbling path, this Christian life is.

But oh, the Joy it brings along the way!

Don't just build up those Ebenezer's and forget them.

Remember them and speak of them often.

Share them with your children.

The Ebenezers are the landmarks for your life story.

For YOUR GOD has orchestrated them to make you who you are today.
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