Thursday, July 9, 2015

Still Making My Heart Stop

Josh and I know exactly when Zeke was conceived (Listen, Josh had been out of town to help Katrina victims and we missed each other okay?!)

We weren't planning on adding another child to our little family just yet, but 5-month old Rainy was ready to have someone to play with and God knew exactly what our family needed.

It was a bit intimidating having everyone in that delivery room, but the ongoing heart murmur had become just concerning enough that the OB felt the need to call in the team of pediatric doctors just to make sure our Zeke was going to be alright.

On top of that, this little boy decided that he was going to really make me fight for his entrance.  He was all tangled up in the umbilical cord and nothing was working to get him out.  The OR room was being prepped for a C-section...and then FINALLY he decided that it was going to be okay.

He just had to be good and ready for what this world was about to hand him.

The moment this little boy entered the world the scurry began.  The team of pediatric doctors whisked him away to make sure his abnormal heartbeat was not going to affect him long term.

They came back with a thumbs up and a healthy little boy.

Now that little boy is not so little anymore.

He turned 9 years old on Monday.

When I see Zeke I can't help but get excited about him growing up.
Not because he completely and utterly exhausts me (well, um, occasionally he gives me a hard time) or because I'm ready for him to be out of the house (it is much more calm and quiet when he is out:), but because I KNOW that God's hand is on his life and I can hardly wait to see what He has in store for this little prophet of ours.

This sinful world has stacked up several things against this boy of ours, but he isn't just passively getting by.  He still has to be good and ready for the fight, but as soon as he feels prepared he will fight to the death.


I love that you are MY son!  You make me a better mom, even if you are still making my heart stop with your daredevil stunts, ha!  I can't believe you are nine!  Keep fighting the good fight and speaking truth to everyone around you!  Happy Birthday!

P.S. thanks for the kiss last night.  I know you don't like germs but it was the sweetest thing ever that you willingly fought that and loved on your mama:)
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