Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday Morning Mashup

While I was with my mom a month or so ago Josh and the littles were in a car accident.  Everybody was fine, but the fact that Josh dialed my number at the exact same time the 2014 Mustang behind them plummeted into our bumper, causing the phone to be thrown to the floorboard, causing me to hear only scurrying around and a bunch of crying little Colony members as I nervously yelled from the other side of the phone for ANYONE to answer, was a little unnerving.

(I'm pretty sure that was a really long run-on sentence...which only confirms my belief that I am completely done with school...and the dozens of books that keep appearing on my doorstep are in fact my husbands, and NOT mine!)

Back to the accident...
there really was a reason in me telling you that story.

We finally had our appointment to take the car in to get fixed but the damage is much for extensive that the insurance company had originally thought.  Meaning that instead of us being out of a family car for 3 days has turned into about 2 weeks.  And our insurance doesn't have the option to rent a car, and the other man's insurance company has been a little difficult to work with.  Therefore, Jude and I have spent a lot of time at home.  But that's okay, because our lives needed to be unpacked and put back in order from the track-out events that occurred.

This morning I walked into the kitchen to a scared little chickie.  She has already gotten to the stage of jumping up onto the side of the box.  And as of this morning, hopping down onto the vast kitchen floor to see what this big world has to offer.  The only problem being (besides the obvious poop surprises that blend into the wood flooring), they never figure out how to get back into the box with their friends.

Rainy was invited to go see a movie with her friend last night.  My little bug is old enough to go to a movie theatre without us now.  That doesn't seem right...

Our garden has exploded!  I love that I can go out and get fresh lettuce EVERY DAY for yummy salads.  Our peppers are beginning to grow and the cucumbers are blossoming.  I am already making plans for a garden expansion for next year!

Zeke's little brain and body are utterly exhausted after his first week of school.  It's a good thing we don't have any plans this weekend, because the Colony attitudes have been less than stellar around here.

We are in the middle of ant and fly season here in Rolesville.  Like, you can stare at the window and see them putting their strategy together on how to get inside!  They are just WAITING for the opportunity to sneak into the home to annoy us the rest of the weekend...and with 5 Colony members in and out all day long they have PLENTY of opportunity.

I can't wait to tell you all about the family camp we attended, but that would take much more brain power to put into words and I have very important plans with my hammock and book (my books don't consist of systematic theology and leadership/discipleship training techniques though) today, so I have to get going.

Happy Saturday ya'll!
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