Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Snippits, Tidbits and Nuggets

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about all the different literature I am currently consuming.

I was LOVING the books I was reading.

One of them I was knee deep in,
another I was in the first chapter,
and yet another I had only completed the forward and introduction.

I was IN LOVE with them all!

And I still am learning some great things, but I kind of have a love/hate relationship with them.
I was reading so many different books and some of them had conflicting principals, that I was getting mentally discouraged.

Josh told me to just wade through them.
Dig out the nuggets and ideas that we can use and apply to/with our family.
And filter out the rest.
Not that it isn't good or accurate information.
It just isn't beneficial for us, in the place that we are in right now.
(and some of it just simply doesn't line up with where we are heading as a family...and that's OK!)

I am realizing more and more that the things I allow myself to read are only to be used as catapults and jumping stones across the parenting and personal life-journey stream I am crossing.

I am not meant to follow behind exactly as others have.
Those stones were for them.  Some of them sunk after they were stepped on, leaving great big holes that are much too large for me to cross.  Some of the stepping stones take a different turn that I feel like I need to go.  Some of those stones will sink if I even TRY to cross over on them.

And then I look at the things I write.

I write things that work for OUR family.  Our colony!
They may not work for you.
They are not intended for you.

But I write to give hope.
I write to give options.
I write to give perspective.
Maybe to help you think outside the box.

I am realizing more and more that everyone with a keypad believes they have earned a "voice" in this generation, but we all have to be careful to take it in through a filter.
The filter of our own personal beliefs.
The filter of the season we are personally in.
The filter of our own capabilities and character make-up.

And there is such freedom in that.

Read, read and read some more.
But maybe pray that the Lord would help you keep an honest perspective and realistic expectations as you try to figure out which methods and/or ideas to implement into your own life.
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