Monday, January 12, 2015

The Gift Of Time

Our family really tried to strip down Christmas this year.  We really thought through the gifting process and were intentional to give gifts that promoted creativity, thoughtfulness and family togetherness.  One of the things we put together for the kids was a "Colony Coupon" book.  I tried to think of things they are always asking me to do toward the end of the night when I am exhausted and tired, or a time when I seem to be more distracted than others.  More often than not I dismiss their request because, for some reason, when 8pm hits this evil witch comes out and eats this sweet mommy and takes over...ahem...

I thought they would think it was a great idea and then lose the books after a couple of days, but wouldn't you know, they each have a special place they put those coupons (even Jude!) and they plan days in advance as to when to use each one.

Now, sometimes we get home super late or life just happens throughout the day so I have to communicate that it is a no-coupon day/evening and they are totally fine with it.

Josh and I have noticed their love tanks filling up way quicker and they are more eager to obey and stay in bed at night because they have had a few minutes of individual time with mommy or daddy.

They each got 3 coupons of each of these:

  1. 1 five-minute back scratch
  2. 1 five-minute one-on-one cuddle time
  3. Pick out a book to read
  4. Run an errand with mommy or daddy
  5. Help out in the kitchen with dinner
It may not have been the latest and greatest toy on the market, and it certainly wasn't a gift of monetary sacrifice, but to them, this was a gift of undivided attention from a mommy and daddy who love them very much and sometimes need a reminder that their tanks can begin to fill up, one coupon at a time:)
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