Friday, January 16, 2015

Finding The Light For Yourself

My Pastor is such a godly man.
He hears from the Lord and I can count on him to bring a message that the Lord lays on his heart every single week.

My husband is a brilliant man.
He is smart.
He is sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

My girlfriends know me inside and out.
They know when to correct.
They know when to encourage.
They always speak truth.

My parents are godly examples.
They taught me the true way of life.
They taught me where to turn.
They exemplified who Hope is.

There are endless blogs and books that can speak to every season I walk in.
Offering steps to heal.
Steps to make it right.
Steps to make me better.
Advice in godly parenting, a submissive marriage and even a stronger walk with Christ.

But nothing compares to my own personal relationship with Christ.

If you are depending on your pastor, husband, family, friends or social media outlets to be your connection to the Almighty God I would encourage you to sit down and open your Bible for YOURSELF.

What is God telling YOU to sacrifice?
What is He speaking to YOU about?
How is the Holy Spirit gently nudging YOUR soul?

The Christian walk isn't about the knowledge of Christ.
It is about falling head over heals with Him and longing, with every fiber of your being, to be just like Him, and sharing Him with others so they can have their own personal relationship with Him.

All those other influences are good.
Very good.

But God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are better.
They are the BEST.

Seek Him first.

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