Friday, January 9, 2015

Take 5

Band:  Radiohead

Song Title: Separator

Timer set on five minutes.


Yes, we started school again this week, but it has been anything but the routine and structure that school usually brings.  We've been out and about getting a lot of necessary things done that we haven't had much of home time, but has been nice and relaxing.  I am still in my jammies and Jude is decorating me with stickers as I type.  All is well in the Colony home.

Josh had his week intensive in school this week so that has added to the un-structured week, but he is done with the class today.  Even though I know papers and more reading are always to follow it'll be nice to have his class time over.

I got the Young Living essential oils starter kit as a Christmas gift a few weeks ago and I am now able to sell it.  Crazy.  I don't even know how to do it yet, but just FYI, if you need YL oils I can be your go-to girl:)

I am about to be knee deep in a 50-item order for the ColonyShop.  It is my largest order to date!  Pretty excited to see the finished product!

I also just wrote a promo for KITW about my book because Holy Week is right around the corner.  How in the world?!

I wouldn't mind if time just decided to stand still for a few minutes today...

Timer off.

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