Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Alright God, Send The Rain ~ waiting in expectancy

While riding in the car last night with a couple of my girlfriends I half-way overheard one of them talking about a story they read to their kids during family devotions.  I was in-and-out of their conversation, but caught just enough to catch my attention as it pulled me back into my own little world in the back seat as I contemplated life and this story.

She said it was the story of "Noah and the ark" from the perspective of Noah's wife.  The Bible doesn't specifically give this account, but you can read all about what God told Noah and the events that took place and just put yourself in her shoes.

I physically sat in the back seat waiting for our stop, but mentally I stood on the deck of a huge boat.

Half proud of my husband, half wondering what my girlfriends down the street were saying about me and that "crazy husband" of mine behind my back.

100% confident in the man God had placed me with, but wondering how in the world it would all play out.

Being given the job to mama a ship full of smelly animals that continued to pour into my new home.  I guess there were no hopes of being the new Martha Stewart for at LEAST another year!

There were no Pinterest boards to help wade through the problems that were sure to arise; like getting giraffe poop stains out of bamboo rugs or appropriate essential oil substitutes to keep the germs and sickness at bay.

Just a handful of people that believed God and took Him at His word.
Just a wife relying on her husbands walk with the Lord as she totally submits to this crazy idea.
Just a boat full of animals and the faithful few waiting in expectancy for God to do what He said He would do.

I'm sure the fear and feelings of doubt came in waves as they all waited in complete confidence that the rain would begin to fall at any moment.

But can those two even co-exist?  I believe they can!
I have felt completely confident that God is in control and still had those waves of doubt and fear as I wait and wonder how in the world God was going to "pull it off this time".  But He always does.  Because He is God.  And He always does what He says He is going to do.

What about the doubt and the fear?  It doesn't mean we are fearing that God isn't who He said He was or that we doubt His ability. Oh no, it just means that we are humans, with a finite capacity to comprehend our awesome God and His ways.

It's just the natural waves of our mind as we are sitting and waiting on the rain.

We know it's coming.
God promised it would.
So hold fast to His promises and don't lose hope.
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