Tuesday, January 6, 2015

7 Meals for 7 Weeks ~ from our Gratitude Experiment

Novemeber 15th is when it all began.  The day we took our kids toys away and limited our clothing and meal options.  I'm am proud to say, we finished strong!  In fact, everybody's stuff is still in the attic with the exception of the Barbie accessories and baby doll clothes for the girls.

Sorting through all that stuff will be on the to-do list soon as we make the choice to hang on to the stuff we use and get rid of the things we don't, but today, since several people asked, I wanted to share the 7 meals we chose to eat during those 7 weeks, rotating them around depending on the week's activities.  It's a rarity to eat out as a family and we hardly ever order in so the fact that I had to cook every night didn't throw me off because that's just how we roll.  

1 - Grilled chicken and rice

2 - Pizza - EVERY Friday night is homemade pizza night!

3 - Grilled (ham and) cheese and tomato soup with a veggie

4 - Chocolate Chip Pancakes (and usually some other breakfast side's') - this is a Sunday evening tradition

5 - Nachos - it's basically taco bake that sounds yummier and gets eaten way quicker

6 - Chicken and spinach tortellini and a veggie

7 - Baked chicken spaghetti with a veggie

Nothing fancy, but full of healthy ingredients (except for the pancakes, ahem).
We had little to no complaining about the meal repeats, but I was pretty excited to cook a new recipe last night for dinner...and MAN was it good!
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