Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sometimes The Best Option Is To Take The Options Away

Zeke, especially, is an electronics fiend.

If we aren't monitoring it, his world can easily revolve around when the next movie will be played or when he can turn the next gadget on.

But that's his thing.

It's not all bad.
In fact, his DS that he got for his birthday (we found a used one for $43!) is great incentive to get his homework done efficiently and with a happy heart.

But when the next movie or gaming period becomes all that he can think about, we have a problem.

We typically have a "no-electronics during the week" rule, unless he has done exceptionally well with homework and needs 20 minutes of down time (and he is allowed to play the Wii or his DS).  But during track out, and even on the weekends, he becomes obsessed with his devices.

But a few weeks ago, after being away at the beach for 2 days, and feeling the need to be "entertained" Zeke was obsessed with when he could watch a movie, or make a movie on the iPad, or play the Wii...and I couldn't take it anymore.

I made the executive decision that we were going to have a "no electronics weekend".  I completely took the option away telling him, "So don't EVEN ask again cuz it's not going to happen."

I know, I'm such a mean mom;)

We had to verbally take the option away to get his brain to register that electronics were no longer an option and that his brain needed to work on its own through creativity.  To go off on a limb and actually use that brilliant imagination that the Lord gave him.

We learned early on in our parenting that kids often need options to learn how to make their own choices and to give them a sense of confidence and control, but we are also learning when to take the options away.
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