Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It's Not Necessarily Bad...But There Is Better

Our kitchen faucet had been getting progressively worse over the years.

To the point of endless squealing at toe curling high pitches while the water was running

The head was nearly too low to get to the running water as a result of banging and hitting through fits of rage  maneuvering the faucet to make the squealing stop.

And squirting water out of the unsealed crevices around the perimeter and random holes in the metal that continued to squirt out for at least 10 seconds AFTER the water had been turned off.

One day, my wonderful husband gifted me with a NEW faucet!
(this man of mine will have so many crowns in heaven if "blessing your wife" is a requirement)

It is beautiful!
Now people walk up to the faucet in their protective sideways stance and facial grimace, ready for the ear piercing fallout and unpredictable squirting water, only to quickly realize that our faucet actually works correctly, and almost laugh in their delight with us!

Not only does my faucet now embrace near stealth qualities, but it has a water sprayer attached...that actually works!

I have never lived in a home, my entire adult life, where the little sprayer thing actually worked.

I used to reach for it when I first began living outside of my parents home, only to push the button and have either a random drip here and there or a button that would get stuck in the ON position if ever it were to be pushed down, soaking everything in its vicinity.

So I quickly got used to not having one.

As funny as it is, one of the first things I would do in a new home before renting or purchasing, would be to go to the kitchen and test the sink sprayer.  Unfortunately the sink sprayer performance never seemed to make the priority cut in our decision making.  Along with the, we have GOT to have a bigger bathroom in our next home, by the apparent size our our current one:)

Anyway, back to my new faucet.

I was finding myself holding the dishrag under the faucet to fill it with water in order to wipe down the edges and nasties off the sides of the sink or scooping water up on those tall pans that tower out of the sink bed.  I did this for days before realizing that I actually had the ability to use the sprayer now.  I wasn't taking full advantage of this new gift I'd been given!

There was NOTHING wrong with the way I was washing my dishes and cleaning out my sink, but I had the means to do it better and easier.  I was given a faucet with a greater capacity of excellence than what I was using it for.

Gosh, I wonder how much capacity to love others, and to teach my children, and to use my gifts I'm not using because I'm so content to do things the way I did before I intimately asked the Lord to change my life.

I've accepted the gift.  Now it's my responsibility to use it to its full capacity!
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