Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Micaiah Joel ~ AKA Cai-bo

Contrary to popular belief, the Via Colony children are not perfect.
Shocker I know.
But there is one particular area which each one of our children continue to disobey in...

They keep having them!

Yup, every year they keep getting older.

Disobedient I tell ya!

So what's a mom to do?

Think back on the years gone by and the sweet memories I've had on this FIFTH BIRTHDAY for my sweet, little, can't-help-myself-from-nibbling-his-cheeks boy.

remembering what life was like when I only had 3 littles
and the third little slept through his siblings shenanigans

and that day when we were trying to get just ONE good family photo, ha!

and that time when Rainy dressed him up like a little girl

and the way he immediately fell in love with his new older sister!

and his weird little things he would insist on like,
bike helmet, water shoes and one knee pad

the tears
this poor sweet, sensitive boy

the time he and his cousin Karis got "mawied"

those ever so rare moments when Zeke and Cai actually play nicely together
without a playful wrestling match;)

and those times where I've captured some of our lazy days while he played by himself around the house

and those first undies
He INSISTED on Minnie mouse undies
and of course there were only girl ones
so how could I tell him no!

Dear Cai-bo,
How in the world are you five today?!  I thank God that He gave you to me!  I can promise you that I'm not going to be the perfect mom, but that I will continue to call on the name of the Lord to help me be the best mommy that I can. You gave your life to Jesus a few weeks ago and I cannot WAIT to see what the Lord is doing on that little heart of yours.  Happy Birthday meatball:)
Love, Mommy
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