Thursday, July 10, 2014

Things I'm Gonna Miss (and words worth remembering)

Cai:"Hey Alethia, you wanna play the fishy game where I'm the fishy and you're the 'get me'?"


Cai:"Mom, can you get down the snow glubs?  I NEED snow glubs for my spidoman costume."


Cai:"Does a genius mean 'awesome', cause I think I'm genius."


I'm sure going to miss the sweet way Cai says things.
And the way he sings his own theme music while playing by himself or getting dressed or running around in the yard, or coloring or...

I'm going to miss seeing Alethia help her baby brother tackle obstacles and complete tasks.
And the way she help me with absolutely EVERYTHING around the house.

I'm going to miss hearing them play so cute together.

But you know what makes it easier?

Hearing Rainy and Zeke give step-by-step instructions on how to buy a lunch, or where to go in the hallway, or how to get to the "walker's" line.  They talked well into the night, the experienced informing the wide-eyed, upcoming littles of the things facing them on their very first day of school.

The excitement was brewing before we even opened their bedroom doors to get up.
They were all in the car, waiting on me and daddy to get our act together and follow suit, each adorning their overstuffed book bags full of school supplies and homemade lunches (packing 4 school lunches is NO JOKE!), before the first school bell even rang.

Zeke took full responsibility of his two siblings joining him on his hallway.  He made sure I told their teachers that he would be picking them up after school.  He tried his hardest to encourage Cai and help him be brave as we made our way out of his classroom (don't worry, we were assured Cai only cried for a few seconds after we left).

It's going to be a good year.

The quiet will necessitate some getting used to.
And more importantly, figuring out the "quiet" that simply means a content little boy playing quietly by himself, or the "quiet" that means that he has tracked down a stool and carried it across the house to my bathroom in order to reach my contact case which still housed my contacts, except for the one that was scrunched up on his cheek...

But it WILL be a good year.

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