Saturday, July 12, 2014

Another Transformation ~ the birth of a desk

Josh is going back to school in August.
But he has papers and reading...LOTS of reading...due on the first day of class.

After watching him try to get work done with Colony kids climbing all over him (ear buds only block out sounds and Colony chaos, NOT lap crawling, pant pulling or anything of the sort) I decided I was going to do something about it.

I called up a few friends with treasure at their fingertips, thanks Amber, and made my way over to pick up the pallets.

And here is what happened next:

Josh helped me unload the crates

 and then he temporarily UNgrounded me from the kinds of tools that put holes in the walls in the girls bedroom...I promised to stay outside;)

I had a plan in my head but I wasn't quite sure how it would actually look.
I measured my space and began taking a part the different pieces.
This is BY FAR the hardest part of reusing crates and pallets!

then I started putting the different pallet pieces together

trimmed it to size

I recruited a few helpers along the way:)
Josh cut the legs for me because power tools still scare me.
and put the pieces together.
I found the screws we needed and the stain was already in the shed from the previous owners!

a quiet space for Josh to work ~ PRICELESS

It may not be the sturdiest piece of "furniture" in our home, but it'll get the job done I think.
This is one of my funnest projects to date,
but my ENTIRE body is feeling it!
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