Wednesday, May 28, 2014


he woke up charging the day (as he typically does)

then he rushed through his breakfast  (as he typically does)

to play another day of Tasmanian devil (as he was born to do)

after being "confronted" about sneaking food into his favorite hiding places, ie. Rainy's closet and his reading nook (as he typically does)

he finds something else to occupy his time (as he typically does)

but after too much time going by without seeing him
and too much time going by without hearing a peep from him (which is typically NOT a good thing)

I found him getting into yet another thing that is off-limits for his sticky little fingers (as he typically finds)

this time it was a bottle of blue, sparkly fingernail polish (this is a first, but not a surprise)

after deciding that he is just fine to walk around with blue sparkly cheeks and arms, I let it go (as I have learned to do)

only to find him with another mouth full of forbidden food (as he typically does)

he added another misdemeanor to his repertoire today, though

by somehow climbing up to the top shelf in the refrigerator, retrieving my smoothie, and successfully dumping it out onto the carpet to play in (have I mentioned how ridiculously hard it is to get berry, kale and ground flax seed out of carpet?!)

all this is typical...unfortunately...or is it?

I've been told to cherish these little years

I don't know if I am exactly "cherishing" all the havoc he has caused on our lives over these long short two years of life, but he certainly is giving us lots of opportunity to practice grace, patience, and how to laugh at the way he constantly keeps us humble with the imperfections to everything we own:)  Not to mention the added benefit of how quickly my fingers can google, "how to get ___________ stains out of __________", and "what to do if your toddler consumes ____________"  at the drop of the hat.

Cherish the mess? I transparently say, nope.
Cherish the kid? absolutely

and all the mess that comes with him, because from what I've heard, the mess doesn't go away, it just gets different.

as goes parenting

the messiest, bestest job in the whole wide world
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