Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"The End"

When I was in college I majored in music.  Our final project was to compose a symphony.  I appropriately called it "The End", and I think it turned out to be a rather beautiful piece of art (as beautiful as those midi files from computer programs can make a symphony be anyway).  My professors, on the other hand, were coming to me asking if I needed some intervention on a major life problem, ha!  All I REALLY needed, though, was to be DONE with school!

That really has nothing to do with what is on my mind today, except that we are coming near the end.

But today begins the last week of school for the kids, and the end of year programs for all activities.

Today is getting busier and busier by the minute and my calendar is jam packed with rehearsals, games, project presentations, practices and end-of-year parties, but this time it's for my kids.

While I am so excited to be a part of each and every one of these activities I am finding that with every addition to my schedule my heart begins to race just a little bit faster and my breathing become just a little bit more shallow.

So I try to take at least one deep breathe, grab a shower and put on something cute...because even if you are stressed, anxious or tired, a shower and "real" clothes tends to help the outlook and day's perspective a little bit brighter.

It's almost 8am, time for my first "appointment" for the week.  I've had my shower and I'm all dressed up (ok, ok, so maybe jeans and a nice(er) tank top is my kind of "cute", but at least it's not the yoga pants and layered tanks I tend to gravitate toward on a daily basis), and I'm walking out the door with confidence.

The week is going to happen no matter what, so I might as well do it with grace and confidence, trusting that the Lord will see me through to the end.
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