Thursday, May 29, 2014

Another Transformation ~ of the lazy space variety

i was looking around in my favorite place to shop
(my parent's barn)

and came across this old pallet
and I thought to myself, "self, this would fit perfectly on my front porch as a porch swing".

my brother-in-law did the "butt math" and was quick to point out that there was absolutely NO WAY our whole family would fit on this swing at one time, but then I realized that this would be perfect, because my scheming plan of a place to find solitude all by myself could, in fact, become a reality!

so we brought the pallet of wood home
and it sat on the side of the house for several weeks, untouched
and then it became part of the Christmas backdrop for our manger scene in the front yard
and then a nice country touch to our front porch as a decoration

and then FINALLY, on Mother's Day, the swing I had been longing for, was hung by my sweet husband.

A cushion was going to be a problem though.
The size we needed was too small or too large for the standard cushions that are sold in stores.
But I've got people, ya'll, and they like to see my dreams come true.

My friend Heidi had some extra patio chair cushions that were given to her that she couldn't use.
I spent 2 episodes of Friday Night Lights dismantling them in order to "rebuild" them.

The next morning I pulled out my trusty sewing machine that's been sitting in my attic since we moved here and went to work, piecing together the different pieces of fabric and stuffing to make it the appropriate dimensions.

The only thing we had to pay for were the chains to hang the swing
and the sweat my sweet baby spent finding the studs to hang it in, ha!

The whole family loves our new lazy space, even though my BIL was accurate in his butt math estimate, ha!  Just another way to teach taking turns...and teaching the Colony kids that sometimes mommy gets first dibs;)
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