Monday, May 19, 2014

To Be Brave Like A Child

Sometimes I wrestle with the things to write on the blog vs. the things to simply treasure in my heart.

Today's post is one of those posts.

This is certainly NOT for bragging rights, mind you, as we all know that we have our fair share of un-bragging-rightable things:)

I have been treasuring these sweet things in my heart for the past couple of weeks, but I don't want to ever forget them.  I don't ever want to forget this season in two of my kids lives.

Because let's face it, kids grow up
and then we have to think harder about what it means to have a child-like faith
it doesn't come quite as naturally as it does when you really ARE a child

we get more concerned with how we appear
we are more worried about what people will say
we try to over-analize a supernatural God who was never meant to fit into a box that is understandable

This post will be a reminder to them and a challenge for me.

I always want to remember...

that more often than not, Zeke's "low" from his days are because of something bad that happened to someone else.  Zeke's heart is so big and it is effected by other people's hurt who are around him.
(I want to be more in tune with other people's hurt and figure out ways to encourage others and help them carry their pain)

the conversations I hear with the neighborhood kid as the boys jump on the trampoline about the words he chooses to say that might not be so nice
(if something offends me I want to confront it in love, not fear)

the fact that Zeke is so burdened for 1 particular little boy in his class.  He prays for him almost every night and speaks of him almost daily about how he tries to talk to him about Jesus
(who am I burdened for so heavily that I can hardly sleep some nights and continuously try to find ways to reach out to them)

how Rainy brings her Bible to school to read during free time
(she's not even thinking about other people and how she might look.  It's about her and how she wants to read the Living Word.  Nothing else matters to her!  I want to be that unaware of others in that aspect)

Rainy's to-do list this morning.  Boldness to confront an adult as she sticks up for her brother and to remember to pray with a friend.
(my to-do list for today doesn't EVEN compare!)

Jesus Christ is real to my kids.  He is such a huge part of their lives right now.  Their is no faking it at church and acting differently at school during this season it their lives.  It is who they are.  HE is who they belong to.  It is their entire life.

My kids have been challenging me to be a solutionary.  To be bold.  To be brave.  To come like a child.
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